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Hello, I'd photographed with you, but I have no experience with it and even character models. Is this a problem?

Hello, this is not a problem at all. We will all be happy to explain, discuss photography and style that suits you best and show some photos as well as an example. He is not nothing to worry about. The beginning is always nervous, but the time will pass and you will see that it will be for you an extraordinary experience. With a figure not worry, nice photos may arise under any circumstances.

Is it better photographer or a photographer?

In my opinion it's totally care. In any case, as to what the outcome, not about whether photographs of a man or woman. But every man is some suits everyone and something else. Some photographers prefer and someone fotografkm.

Signed to a contract when shooting?

Yes, the contract is signed with us. This is a classic model release, which give rules for using images from both the photographer and models.

Good day. I was not yet 18 years old, I can take pictures with you?

Yes why not, feel free. But there is a need to comply with certain rules. Since you have a legal representative to sign the above-mentioned model release and you still can accompany parents to shoot. Due to your age must also define the style of photos that should not exceed the limits of morality. You would nefotily or other acts, like the photos.

Hey, would not mind if I take an escort?

I recommend it very personally. But if you insist on it specifically, and fear, it's possible to have as an accompaniment to take someone with you. But note, that your sweetheart, friend, friend will be there 2-3 hours bored. If you do not insist on it doggedly, definitely recommend you leave escort home. You will feel relaxed and will not affect the common concentration.

I wanted to ask, as you walk in this photo shoot?

Who goes first for us, so we agree with him on the reunion tramjavov stop. There here follows the common path to the studio. Then snacks and subsequent arrangement or display of photographs and style on which we agree. In vizistickm corner is a number of painting and makeup. Many people can have their makeup done by itself, but someone definitely wants a professional image consultant, which of course is not free. Separate shooting begins approximately 30 to 45 minutes. After the shooting, we will let that alone you have selected a few photos that you like and then you adjust. Finished photos are approximately 14 days. Overall, the entire shooting takes 2-3 hours, but even more.

Hi, I was a kid and I want nice photos. Some photographers nefot guys, what about you?

Hi, for me at this I see no problem. Write and be sure to agree. Shooting a male someone does not like photographers, but I will in this case not against cooperation.

Hello, you shoot the children? We would like a picture in a family album.

Hello, yes photograph the whole family's children or expectant mothers.



Whether you're a model or not, all people regardless of age or weight, we offer the possibility of joint cooperation. What is this offer, you can read the other rows.

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Much of our photographs created in the studio. How it looks in that studio, how they work or where it is located directly atlier, see this article. Atelier is in a quiet area of Prague 3 and smoothly reach of public transport.

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Photographer and graphic designer

Name and surname: Ond?ej Nevole

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ICQ : 209272975

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