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Even the slightest success of some of my photographs gives me purpose and strength to go further and still improve in some way. Makes me happy and a trifle, if only that someone my photograph hangs on the wall, or someone donates.

Metro Photo Challenge - of several thousands of photos I got the 10 best in the category of Emotions


Winner in the category at www.fopa.mzf.cz Fall Color:


Any success is a step in front of me and might continue to improve



Whether you're a model or not, all people regardless of age or weight, we offer the possibility of joint cooperation. What is this offer, you can read the other rows.

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Much of our photographs created in the studio. How it looks in that studio, how they work or where it is located directly atlier, see this article. Atelier is in a quiet area of Prague 3 and smoothly reach of public transport.

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Photographer and graphic designer

Name and surname: Ond?ej Nevole

Email : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

ICQ : 209272975

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