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Super photo shoot, a great assembly of people and a relaxed atmosphere! Ondra much thanks for the perfect approach for ideas, impeccable organizational skills, patience and above all a perfect result :-) I hope I can look into the attache;-) Thanks and wish you a lot of beautiful photos!

Marie (81301)
Video shooting with Ondra was seamless. It pohodar with whom the agreement overdrive is nice, patient with a good idea. Thus my photo shoot with Ondra entertained. And I look forward to the result of our excellent cooperation. So thank you and strongly recommend :-)

So exactly a month I had the honor and was photographed with Ondra again. This time in the beautiful surroundings of Prague by night. Absolutely amazing experience! Ondro much thanks and love to repeat it ever again. ;-)

Super Man Ondra and mainly photographer. Cooperation was absolutely wonderful:) I highly recommend! Shooting me very entertained;) thank you.

Andy is a super little man and photographer. Take pictures with him was a pleasure:)

All I can recommend without any problems and once again THANK YOU. Nice, nice, nice .... so I could continue to Hallelujah. I do what I criticized. Super approach and atmosphere.

Collaboration with the photographer I was very surprised. It's serious, cute, has great attitude and ideas. When shooting was constant good humor and fun. And a final photo turned out very nicely. I can only recommend and thank you

Midnight Baby
Ondra I worked with such a workshop, ie. that shuttled us between multiple models. I will opakovak but pohod?, a great photographer and even though I had it only for themselves and created beautiful images. Thank you very much and recommend to others

I am very glad that we had agreed it was absolutely great thanks a lot and definitely looking forward to next time:) And everyone who wants to have great photos and even enjoy shooting recommend!

Super photographer:) Video shooting, we enjoyed a lot with my friend, was fun and the photos are wonderful:) I highly recommend to all models collaboration with Ondra:)

Very much thanks for the beautiful photos!! Andy is really handy photographer and is full of ideas, personable and fun! Only and only recommend to all!! I look forward to further cooperation :-)))

Shooting with Ondra was great and the photos are really beautiful! Andy is very handy, and advise you how to shoot, has good ideas, it's a good guy, the atmosphere was cool! Thank you very much for taking photos, I recommend to all young ladies and I look forward to further cooperation :-)

With Ondrej is also great, it's nice and handy photographer, shooting in the wonderfully complemented with Bara, so the first photo photos are very beautiful, I look forward to the rest:) Everything went in a wonderful atmosphere, taking photos, I really enjoyed. Thank you:)

Andy is an excellent photographer and Barborka make a nice set of perfectly working with them to shoot great atmosphere prevailed in which created beautiful images. Highly recommended and very much look forward to further cooperation:)

Andy has great ideas, it is pleasant, and willing to shoot with him is fun ... just a professional in place .... all I can only recommend and she can not wait until I have the opportunity to shoot with him again ... Thanks a lot

Shoot with Ondra is a joy!! Lots of fun, sea skv?lejch ideas and the result is worth it!! I really enjoyed the shoot! Thanks !!!!! We highly recommend to all!! :-)

Andy is a very nice photographer, is still at rest in pohdod?, our shooting was more in the form of workshops with more models, so everyone took the time, had plenty of ideas, and came to meet our ideas, it was just fine and I like the photos, although these are just examples of thank you :-)

Shooting with Ondra is a pleasant, full of fun, so the nervousness and other disturbing feelings are gone now. Supermodel gladly, forcing her into anything. I highly recommend to all models (models) who want to enjoy shooting in a friendly atmosphere :-).

Very gentle, kind and helpful photographer .... The atmosphere was very imaginative p?telsk.Ondra is so beautiful photos must be incurred at any cost :-).... I look forward to 60s style, I hope it will be as nejd?ve.Dky for beautiful photos and nice girls in the morning .... if you want to feel natural and nestresovat and still have nice photos so I suggest you Ondra for it before you have to pay

very handy ... I shoot with this guy and his girlfriend liked it also very nice ... great relaxed atmosphere that even the cold did not mind so much ... I just kept it zdovala HIH ... sniffle ... I highly recommend. very, very clever ..

Andy is very clever and likable man:) Great, I took photos with him and has many ideas ... I'll definitely look forward to the next photo shoot, as the wonderful atmosphere is paramount. No one is nervous, nothing. I highly recommend:)

Yeah .. you think Ondra hihi.Naprosto lean guy. Being with him fun to shoot. I recommend to all novice photo models and photo models hihi.U .. look forward to you your photos. :-)

Jitul 73
Andy is very nice and handy photographer, little man with heart in the right place ..

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