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Visage. What is actually vyz much associated with the styling? For those who do not know or hear about something like this for the first time, we will just basic information.

This is actually a cosmetic change models before shooting. The basis of everything is high quality make-up and painting. Styling is in turn composed of hair and changes it changes the image of man. During the shooting, in which the make-up artist you are constantly under its control and provides you every moment that everything was perfect and the photos avoid annoying reflections excel or other imperfections.

When you go to shoot someone, it is good to find out beforehand and arrange a photographer, whether in photography make-up artist will be present, or if he can take care of his own visage. In some cases, I would say that it most, it goes so that if you want to shoot make-up artist, you need to pay it. If it is some orders require little, it should visage already there automatically be included.

And how it goes with us? Here is a basic look and little guidance or direction in this old wife, which visage a lot of fun. If you would also like to throw into the hands of a professional, we can get even pros. Sample photographs are the work of Monika Navratilova, located at http://missmakeup.cz/



Whether you're a model or not, all people regardless of age or weight, we offer the possibility of joint cooperation. What is this offer, you can read the other rows.

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Much of our photographs created in the studio. How it looks in that studio, how they work or where it is located directly atlier, see this article. Atelier is in a quiet area of Prague 3 and smoothly reach of public transport.

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Photographer and graphic designer

Name and surname: Ond?ej Nevole

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ICQ : 209272975

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