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Kalend?e a jejich p?prava.

Mezi oblben originln drky t?eba k vro? a nebo k jin p?leitosti, se dost ?asto vyuvaj fotografie.

M?eme Vm nabdnout fotografovn soukromch nebo i firemnch kalend??. Podle stylu kalend?e, kter by jste cht?li, m?e vzniknout ur?it po?et fotografi, kter budou profesionln? upraveny a z nich potom nsledn? vytisknut a sestaven kalend?. Kalend? m?ete mt jen pro sv soukrom ?ely a nebo tak pro firemn, na kterch mohou bt i modelky s Vaimi vrobky. Focen kalend?? probh v interieru a exterieru, dle vaich p?n. Soukrom kalend?e m?ete mt sestaveny s fotografiemi se svou rodinou, blzkmi ?i domacm mazl?kem.

Co tedy m?eme nabdnout. M?eme pomoci s originlnm grafickm nvrhem kalend?e z vaich fotografi nebo p?mo vs nafotit, graficky upravit, kalend? vytisknnout a svzat.

Jak t?eba takovou fotografii vyut a ud?lat originln drek? Na prvnm mst? jsou kalend?e, fotoobrazy, potisk tri?ek ?i povle?en.



Whether you're a model or not, all people regardless of age or weight, we offer the possibility of joint cooperation. What is this offer, you can read the other rows.

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Much of our photographs created in the studio. How it looks in that studio, how they work or where it is located directly atlier, see this article. Atelier is in a quiet area of Prague 3 and smoothly reach of public transport.

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Photographer and graphic designer

Name and surname: Ond?ej Nevole

Email : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

ICQ : 209272975

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