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Join us and become an integral part of our photos. We make sure that our photos were interesting and something atypical. Therefore we try to choose sites and topics that a man on first sight. If you are a people who would like to like to try what it is facing the camera, or that it has tried or regularly, you're right.

And what collaboration actually is?

Regardless of age, weight or gender, we decided to follow up with people who enjoy shooting, a joint collaboration. We photograph mainly for fun, so you do not expect any other paid contract, even if it should change over time. For your time but you can expect from us nice pictures in your portfolio or album.

What is it exactly?

We put together a list of people who like to stand before the camera and are interested in photography. Who has had a moment to know that the reliability of some photographers or models or model is sometimes on the wrong level. You discuss photography and the person's moment before the meeting and cancel or do not hear. Therefore, people who want the photographer to be sure we give a chance to make themselves able to add to our database models or models. These registered candidates will always come first information report on the upcoming shoot.

What is needed to do?

Simply register with us only. Registration can be found at the upper right panel under the link "Register". Please note that registration is entirely voluntary and not worth anything.

What happens then?

Further, just wait until the first offer from us to shoot and if you fancy menu, just write back to her.

I'm not a model, but I want to have nice photos. Is this offer for me?

Yes, this offer is for everyone.

For those who would not want to register and have no interest to us as well as photographs, is intended for contact at the bottom of home page and find ways in which we address.


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Whether you're a model or not, all people regardless of age or weight, we offer the possibility of joint cooperation. What is this offer, you can read the other rows.

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Much of our photographs created in the studio. How it looks in that studio, how they work or where it is located directly atlier, see this article. Atelier is in a quiet area of Prague 3 and smoothly reach of public transport.

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Photographer and graphic designer

Name and surname: Ond?ej Nevole

Email : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

ICQ : 209272975

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